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What services are included in the monthly rent?

Two meals per day and an afternoon snack; weekly housekeeping including laundering of linens and towels; pendant-style emergency call button; 24-hour access to on-site staff; exercise and social activities; transportation to medical appointments and shopping; basic cable TV and local telephone service; complimentary laundry facilities; and utilities (heat, electricity, water, sewer and garbage) are all included in the monthly rental fee.

What services are available for an additional fee?

Daily health and personal care assistance based on the level of care. Extra housekeeping, personal laundry, grocery shopping, guest meals, room service and beauty salon charges are all examples of services that can be purchased for an additional fee.

What happens when my parent can no longer afford the monthly rental charge at Mill Street?

Mill Street Residence has a contract with Otter Tail County to accept a limited number of tenants on Medical Assistance. To qualify, the tenant will need to meet with Otter Tail County Services to learn about his or her asset and income requirements.

How is a tenant's level of care determined?

Their level of care is determined by a registered nurse's assessment based on a tenant's individual need. The registered nurse's assessment evaluates the whole person (ambulation; vision; hearing; mental, physical and emotional status; etc.) to get a true picture of what the person's care needs might be. The registered nurse will than assign staff to come to the tenant's apartment at scheduled times throughout the day to provide assistance with personal and healthcare needs.

What type of care is included in each level of care?

The type of care provided in a care level can vary for each individual. One person might receive assistance with bathing and twice-per-day medication administration. Another person in the same care level might receive daily assistance in the morning with his or her contacts or hearing aid, once-per-day medication administration, and evening care. The tenant is involved in the process of determining their own individual care needs versus trying to fit them into a predetermined care package.

What might cause a person's level of care to change?

We typically re-evaluate our tenants' level of care every six months to ensure that we are continuing to meet their daily healthcare needs. An illness, injury, hospitalization, change in health status (increase or decrease in care needs) and eligibility for Medicare-covered services are all reasons why a person's level of care might change.

How does your meal program work?

Two meals per day are included in the monthly rent. Meals are served in our main dining room over a two-hour time frame—breakfast (7 to 9 a.m.), lunch (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and supper (4:30 to 6:30 p.m.). There is no need to sign up in advance, and there is no assigned time or assigned table to sit at. Tenants have a selection of menu items to choose from at each meal to include a feature of the day, plus a variety of other main entrée choices, soup, salad, sandwiches, vegetables, potatoes and dessert. For those who choose it, a third meal per day is also available.

What about housekeeping?

Mill Street's housekeeping staff will clean your apartment on a weekly basis at no additional charge. This service includes vacuuming the carpeted areas, dusting, checking the refrigerator for old or outdated items, and cleaning the bathroom and kitchen areas. We will also strip and re-make the bed and launder your linens and towels at no extra charge. Complimentary laundry facilities are available on each floor for you to wash your personal clothing. Personal laundry service is also available.

Is transportation to medical appointments and shopping available?

Mill Street will drive you to your Lake Region Healthcare medical appointments from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, at no additional cost. Transportation to non-Lake Region Healthcare related medical appointments (dentist, chiropractor, etc.) are available at an additional charge. Our driver will take you to the doctor's office; assist in getting you inside, registered and to the appropriate waiting area; and will return to pick you up once you are ready to come home. Our handicap-accessible van is available on Wednesdays at no additional cost to provide rides to and from shopping or other appointments. For those who are unable to, or for whom it would be a hardship to do so, we can assist by purchasing their groceries as part of our Wednesday ride schedule. We also offer a free valet service for those who still drive at no additional cost. Off-street parking lot with electrical hook-ups is provided.

What about cable TV and telephone service?

Included in your monthly rental fee are the basic cable channels that our local cable provider has to offer (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC). Cable channels are live at the time of move-in, and there are no additional hookup fees.

Local telephone service is also included in the monthly rental fee. Mill Street has purchased a grouping of telephone numbers from our local telephone service provider and will assign one of these numbers to your room. Your telephone will be live at the time of move-in and there are no additional hookup fees. Your name and number will also be listed in directory assistance and included in the telephone books when they are reprinted.

What types of activities are available?

Cards, cribbage, bingo and other games; a reading circle; daily exercise class; Bible study, music; worship service; visits with schoolchildren; special meals; afternoon coffee; gardening; and educational programs are all examples of what you'll find on our activity calendar. We also offer opportunities outside our building which include rides around town and in the country, outings to local restaurants, plays and musical programs at A Center for the Arts, and concerts offered through the Concert Association Series. We work hard to offer a variety of activities while at the same time respecting our tenants' right to privacy.

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