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COVID-19 Resources for Family & Friends

We are committed to protecting the safety of our tenants while continuing to meet their emotional, spiritual and physical health needs. Our team is going above and beyond to deliver safe and compassionate care and companionship during this time of separation from their loved ones. We will utilize this page to post important information and updates regarding our policies, procedures and communication efforts. Thank you for your patience, partnership and understanding.

Visitor Policy:

Effective November 27, 2021

Earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) released updated guidance for nursing homes to follow related to visitation. The MN Department of Health recently released guidance that these same rules also apply to assisted living settings. Detail related to this new guidance can be found at QSO-20-39-NH REVISED (

CMS strongly encourages all visitors to become vaccinated. We believe in this as well and encourage all visitors to be vaccinated. We may ask you about your vaccination status, however, visitors are not required to be vaccinated (or show proof of such) as a condition of visitation. If a visitor declines to disclose their vaccination status, it is expected that the visitor wear a face covering or mask at all times while within our building.

Unvaccinated residents or visitors - When either the resident and/or visitor is not fully vaccinated, outdoor visits are still the preferred method for visitation. Knowing that temperatures during the winter months are not conducive to meeting outside, unvaccinated visitors have a couple options. You may choose to pick up the resident and take them to an off-site location to visit. We strongly encourage that masks or a face covering be worn at all times during your visit. For those choosing to meet on-site, unvaccinated visitors are expected to wear a mask or face covering all times. This includes when you are in the privacy of the resident’s apartment.

Vaccinated residents and visitors - When the resident and all their visitor(s) are fully vaccinated and the resident is not moderately or severely immunocompromised, they may choose not to wear face coverings or masks during their visit. Physical contact (touching, hugging, etc.) is also allowed during the visit. Please remember that visitors must wear a mask or face covering when in the hallways and elevators or any time when they may come in close contact with another resident.

Visits with residents who have tested positive for Covid or are under transmission-based precautions or quarantine - While not recommended, residents who have tested positive for Covid or are under transmission-based precautions (TBP) or quarantine can still receive visitors. In these cases, visits should occur in the resident’s apartment and the resident should wear a well-fitting facemask (if tolerated). Before visiting residents who are on TBP or under quarantine, visitors will be made aware of the potential risk of visiting and precautions necessary in order to visit the resident. Visitors are expected to adhere to the core principles of infection prevention (hand hygiene, use of appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 feet, etc.). Gowns, gloves, and facemasks will be provided/available along with instructions on appropriate use. More details and FAQ's are included in the Update on Visitation dated November 26th below.

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Resources are available to keep you up-to-date on COVID-19 and to help you reduce the risk of infection for yourself and your family.

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The CDC website offers abundant, current information about COVID-19. It is updated often.

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